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How to Backup a WordPress Website

While WordPress is one of the most popular content management system used for easily setting up a website, calamitous events such as server crashes, hacks, attacks, plugin updates, or other disasters can inadvertly affect your site. Having a good backup helps keep your site safe with a recent safe copy.

Learn how to backup your WordPress manually or with the use of a helpful plugin.

Using a Plugin

Using a plugin faciliates taking a backup of your WordPress website. Plugins such as Updraft helps you create a backup within a few clicks.

Manual Backup

Taking a manual backup will require taking a copy of the files and database of your WordPress website. If you’re using a web host, you may have tools such as File Manager or phpMyAdmin that may faciliate this. If you have access to File Manager and phpMyAdmin:

  • in File Manager – first compress or archive the folder holding your website.
  • in phpMyAdmin – select the database from the left-side menu, select “Export” from the top menu, with default values select go.

If you don’t have access to your website or have your WordPress installed a different way, the plugin method may be best and easiest way to quickly take a backup.

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