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Quick Tips To Speed Up Your Computer Or Phone

You see that your internet has full connection bars and have already closed several open apps but your computer, smartphone, or browser is still running a little slow.

If this sounds familiar, try this quick easy 1-2 step tip for a boost. This can work on most PCs and smartphones including Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

  1. Clear cookies/data: You can achieve this from the settings of your browser. This works on most PCs and phones.

  2. Clear memory: Closing unused apps in the background or unused tabs in your browser can help clear memory. A full restart will give you a fresh start and clear up many issues. This also works on most PCs and phones.

  3. Remove unused programs: Clean up any unnecessary files or programs from your computer that you don’t use anymore.

  4. On Windows, you can disable unused startup apps. Right-click the task bar and click Task manager → Startup tab. You can disable Internet Explorer 11 if you already use an alternative like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. To do so, go to Settings → Apps → Apps & features → Optional features → select Internet Explorer 11 and choose uninstall. You can also try to disable Game Mode. It optimizes performance, but it minimizes multitasking potential since it prioritizes your current window as if its a game for the best gaming experience. You can find it and disable it under Settings or learn more about it here.

  5. On Mac, you can also disable unused startup apps. Under the icon for Apple Menu → System Proferences → Users & Groups → Login Items, you’ll see a list where you can highlight then press the (-) minus icon to remove them.

Stay safe and happy browsing!

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