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How to Screenshot on Computer or Smartphone (iPhone & Android)

Learn how to easily take a screenshot on your iPhone or Android smartphone or computer (Windows or Mac) with these super simple steps.

Choose your device for tailored steps or scroll below:

On iPhone

To screenshot with a device that has a home button press the Sleep/Wake button + Volume Up button. If your device has Face ID with no home button, press the Sleep/Wake button + Home button.

On Android

On most Android devices, you can screenshot by holding the Volume Down button + Power button simultaneously for 1-2 seconds. Your screen should blink/flash and the picture should be saved in your gallery. If that doesn’t work, press the Home button + Power button or try installing an app from the Play Store.

How to Screenshot On Windows

On Windows, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Windows button + Shift + S. From the top, you can choose your selection format: free-form, window, full screen or custom rectangular selection. The picture will be saved to your clipboard. You can then oopen the program Paint and paste your screenshot.

How To Screenshot On Mac

On Mac, take a full screenshot by pressing Command + Shift + 3. For a partial screenshot. press Command + Shift + 4.

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