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Convert Documents To Digital Copy (PDF, DOCX)

Society’s technology use has increased and more business or personal errands have been available online or required to be completed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

You may need to convert documents or files to a digital copy and may not have easy access to a scanner. Easily use your phone as a scanner using just an app and your device’s camera.

An app like Tiny Scanner for Android or Scanner App for iPhone will use your device’s camera to snap a picture then allow you to apply filters or touches before converting it to your preferred file type, including DOCX or PDF.

How To Convert Documents To Digital Format

  1. First, download the app. Choose your preferred below or find them in your phone’s app store:
    Android: Tiny Scanner or Microsoft Lens
    iPhone: Scanner App or Microsoft Lens

  2. Then just open, set some basic settings and use the app’s camera like your regular camera!

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