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iPhone Settings You Should Review for Privacy & Security

These are a few settings in your iPhone you should review for better privacy and security when using your device.

Cross-Site Tracking

Apple has an option to limit cross site cookies. These are cookies known between sites that help track your habits, likes, clicks, etc. for targeted advertising.
Verify its status by going to Settings => Safari => Privacy and Security and checking that Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is enabled.

Review Locked Screen

While you may already have a lock on your phone, it’s a good idea to see the content available from your lock screen. Test this out by locking your screen and seeing the content and notifications that are available

Go to Settings => Face ID & Passcode (on an iPhone with Face ID) or Touch ID & Passcode (on an iPhone with a Home button).
Enter your four-digit passcode when prompted.
Under the Allow Access When Locked section, review the options and choose which can be seen on the lock screen. Choices include Notification Center, Control Center and more. Turn Notification Center off if you want to keep notifications private.

Review Permissions & History

Review the permissions allowed to different apps. Go to Settings => Privacy & Security then choose a permission category to see the list of applications allowed to use that permission.

You can also review the permission history in Settings => Privacy & Security => App Privacy Report. Here you’ll see how different apps are using the permissions granted to them and their network activity.

Private Browsing

When browsing the web regularly, cookies and your browsing habits such as clicks you make or products you add to your card can be shared with advertisers. Using private browsing can prevent your browsing history from being saved on your device and prevent autofill

While in the Safari app, press the tab button in the bottom right corner.
Tap Start page or the numbered Tabs to pull up the Tab Groups list. Tap Private then Done and you’re good to go.

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