Use a Password Manager to Securely Store Your Digital Accounts

A password manager is a tool or software that stores, updates and generates passwords for your accounts.

HaveiBeenPwned, a website service that monitors and tracks data breaches.

While many websites and services have some type of brute force login protection or use a more advanced way to secure passwords, many still use old, insecure alogorithims. HaveiBeenPwned, a website service that monitors and tracks data breaches has already reported billions of accounts compromised.

HiveSystem, who anually publishes a system password table showing complexibity, reports that checking commonly used algorithims, hacked password databases such as those on HaveiBeenPwned and with the right hardware, a 6-letter password can be cracked in just a few seconds. Check out one of their social media platform Twitter below.

Password managers or digital vaults help you generate secure passwords which you can also customize and a secure ratingi/status of them.

There are many available in the market, some offering free plans with limited features but still very helpful and a secure way to manage your digital accounts.

Check out some of the well-known, top password managers available:

  • KeePass – Free and open source with portable versions available.

  • Bitwarden – Open source password manager with free, premium and self-hosted versions. Great for individuals, teams and businesses.

  • LastPass – A freemium password manager offering both free and premium versions for online encrypted password storage.

  • 1Password – A password manager great for families.






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