Use Your iPhone Siri or Samsung Bixby to Remember Where You Parked

Utilizing your smartphone’s virtual speech assistance can be useful for tasks, such as remembering where you parked your car.


On iPhone, you can do this with Siri. Don’t have it activated yet? Learn how to activate Siri with Apple’s support article here.

First you’ll want to make sure Sirir has access to your location. Open the Settings app and press Privacy => Location Services. Make sure location services are enabled and are allowed/enabled for Siri & Dictation as well.

Once you do this, you can then ask Siri to save your location once you have parked. Activate Siri and save your parked location by saying ‘Siri, remember where I parked my car’. It will save a pin of your location.

Samsung Galaxy

On Bixby, you can do this with Bixby. Don’t have it activated yet? Learn how to activate Bixby on your device or tablet with Samsung’s support article here.

Press and hold the Bixby button or open the app and just type or say ‘Remember where I parked’. It will open a note allowing you to take a picture of your parked location and attaches a pin location as well.

Other Devices

If you have a different not an Apple iOS or Galaxy, you can also utilize this feature with the Google Maps app’s parking feature.

On your smartphone or tablet device, open the Google Maps app. Press the blue dot that is showing your location, then press ‘Save your parking’. You can share, change or get directions to your parked spot by just pressing the search bar => Parking location.

Learn more about Google Maps’ parking feature here.






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