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Thousands of WordPress Websites Affected With Redirection Malware

Thousands of websites have been found to be infected with malicious code that redirects unsuspecting users. The malware compromises the websites through vulnerable themes or plugins.

In a report by Sucuri, they explained how they’ve followed this malware campaign and found the websites with similar code injection to .KS (JavaScript) files. The code injection is obfuscated to avoid detection and redirects unsuspecting users and visitors to a normal page with captcha and a subscription form which then leads to other malicious pages.

How can I detect or avoid this?

To avoid vulnerabilities on your website, make sure the plugins and themes you use are from trusted developers and are up-to-date. New vulnerabilities may appear so it’s also important to have a regular update schedule.

If you think your website may have been hacked or are getting redirects to random domains, check out Sucuri’s free website scanner.

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