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How to Make a WordPress Website

Learn how to make a website running WordPress today with this easy, step-by-step tutorial.

You’ll first need a website. If you haven’t read our How to Make a Website tutorial, we’ll explain what you’ll need.

You’ll need a domain and web hosting. You can purchase a domain from a domain registrar and hosting from a web hosting service, though some providers offer them both in combo plans.

If you only need a domain, you can grab one from a domain registrar such as already have a domain, you’ll also need hosting. Hostinger’s low-cost premium plans offer a free domain, e-mail, and more. Many hosts have a short trial period, like Hostinger with their 30-day money back guarantee. Check out their benefits or give them a try here.

Many hosting services offer one-click installers where you are able to get a framework or content management system (CMS) set up in a few clicks so you can focus on content. WordPress is a great option for new website owners and has lots of benefits you can take advantage of such as easy editing and customizing of pages and posts, access to thousands of themes/plugins, full control of all sections from a single dashboard, and much more. If your host doesn’t, you’ll need to make sure your web host has allows you to access a file manager and MySQL databases.

Head to the Hostinger dashboard or your preferred web host dashboard. If your host doesn’t have one-click installers, you’ll need to make sure you can use the file manager and MySQL databases.

After verifying, you can then grab WordPress’s official website here.

Once downloaded, upload it to your host through the file manager. Then you can extract it. After, create a database through the dashboard. Note the name and password as you’ll need it shortly.

Now you can start the installalation on

Once installed, you’ll be able to access your dashboard at and manage themes, plugins, and content. Set up a theme fit for your website and plugins to enchance your site’s experience. Make sure you use them from trusted developers and researching demos to make sure it is what you need.

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