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Ease and Protect Your Eyes With Your Phone’s Blue Light Filter

Every day, we all find ourselves looking at a screen for long moments at a time. A good way to protect your eyes is by keeping a distance. While this is helpful for large display screens like billboards, TVs or restaurant menus, its limited on the main devices used today: smartphones.

Protect your eyes and keep your sleep schedule by limiting blue light emissions, which confuses sleep hormones to think it is still day time, at night) using the night mode or blue screen filter. While there are many apps that accomplish this, this option may also be available in your device settings.

On iPhone,

this feature is called Night Shift. You can enable it under Settings > Display & Brightness or in the Control Center and either enable or schedule it. It automatically adjusts the color tempatures displayed depending on the time of day. Less blue light could men more sleep. Learn more about iPhone’s Night Shift here.

On Android,

where this option is may vary. Go into Settings > Display > Night Mode. You may also find it in the notification center. Some devices may instead offer a Blue Light Filter option which is similar. It can be also found in the display settings or in the notification center.

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