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How to Make a GIF Animated Picture

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an image format for images that supports both static and animated pictures. You may have come across some short-animated ones as memes on social media.

Learn how to make a .GIF animated picture easily on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


On Android, to create a GIF from a picture or set of pictures, you’ll need to use a GIF maker app. Find one for free by browse the Google Play Store. Once you open an app, you can choose your media and add effects, animations, text, etc. and then save to your phone.

To create a GIF from a video, open the video in Video Player and find a GIF icon towards the top or in the menu. You can then trim if necessary and save to the .gif format.


On iPhone, you can create a GIF image directly in the phone from the Photos app. To convert a video, open the video and press the Video to GIF shortcut where you’ll be able to trim your video if necessary before saving as .gif format.

Save GIF From The Web

To save a GIF image from the web or from a chat, press and hold the image and either click Save or Share on Android. On iPhone you can deep touch, swipe up and press Save or Share.

Enjoy sharing animation-filled pics with your family, friends or social media!

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