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Book Reading Platform Suffers Breach Exposing 20M+ Accounts

Mangatoon, the manga and comic reading platform, has suffered a data breach exposing the data of over 20 million accounts.

The hacker was able to steal this data by accessing an unsecured or misconfigured database. BleepingComputer in their report was able to confirm their hack method and was able to verify a data sample to confirm the breach.

Some of the data leaked included e-mail addresses, avatars, and passwords and social media profiles. The data breach lookup and notification service, “Have I Been Pwned,” has added Mangatoon allowing users of Mangatoon to check if they’re data was part of the hack.

If you were or are a user of Mangatoon, it’s recommended to change your passwords if you have other services with the same passwords. Also it’s a good idea to avoid using the same one across different services.

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