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Apple To Soon Release ‘Lockdown Mode’ Feature To Protect Users

Apple has announced it is working in a new feature called “Lockdown Mode.” This new feature will protect users from different types of cyberattacks, especially highly targeted spyware.

Along with a grant for spyware threat research, these new additions are part of their initiative to protect users from highly targeted cyberattacks.

Lockdown Mode, when turned on, will feature security capabilities such as:

  • locking all attachments other than images
  • Disabling cable connection when phone is locked
  • Some web browsing features blocked unless a website is added as trusted
  • Incoming calls and requests like FaceTime calls are blocked if you’ve never communicated with the contact before
  • Enrolling in dveice management and configuration profiles cant be set up

They also plan to add more capabilities and protection to Lockdown Mode. Read more about Lockdown Mode and their initiative to help protect users here.

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